Sweat is Good


Sweating. It feels sticky, hot, and uncomfortable. It’s possibly the part of a good exercise regime that many of us may not like as much as we ought to. Can you image when you are huffing puffing after a good run or a rigorous studio session and the tiny droplet of sweat, smacks your lips. Huh… we all recognise that salty palate. Human sweat can be affected by our diet as different foods can cause different chemical balances. Generally, sweat composition has a high sodium content along with potassium, calcium and magnesium which makes it saline. 

Yet, now there are special yoga classes specifically conducted in heated rooms to make you sweat and special suits you can wear to make your body temperature rise whilst you’re exercising. Why would anyone in their right mind want to make themselves sweat even more? Well, it turns out that there are actually a few beneficial reasons why Sweat is Good. 

The first and most obvious benefit of sweat is that it cools down the body to maintain an optimum temperature. Our body has two types of sweat glands: eccrine and apocrine. Apocrine sweat glands are situated in our hair follicles. These sweat glands are more associated with stress and produce more odorous liquids compared to eccrine sweat glands. Eccrine sweat glands are the ones which are most associated with temperature regulation and are found all over the body.  Intense exercise heats the body up beyond normal temperatures and the sweat secreted by these glands help to regulate the body temperature which in turn effects our athletic performance. 

Alongside the cooling effects of sweat, it can also help to fight off germs.  Sweat glands have now been shown to excrete antibiotics which battle dangerous diseases, infections, and illnesses.  Not only this, sweat can even improve the recovery of wounds, making it less likely for us to get an infection through damaged skin.

Sweat can even help improve the health of our organs. For example, secretion of excess calcium because of high protein diets may cause kidney stones. As sweating excretes salt and calcium from our system, two things which contribute to kidney stones, sweating helps to protect the kidneys from health issues. 

Lastly, sweating is a good indicator of how hard we’ve worked. Implying the temperature remains the same, we’re going to sweat more if we’ve gone harder in the gym or on our run. Such fervent exercise promotes the release of endorphins in our body. Endorphins are chemicals produced in our central nervous system or the pituitary glands which help us feel calmer, more alert, happier and have shown resistance against pain. Therefore, sweat can indirectly make you feel happier whilst acknowledging the fact that you’ve really pushed yourself.

Remember, next time you go to exercise and find yourself a little sweatier than normal, don’t feel disgusting or embarrassed, feel proud that you’re helping your body in a few diverse ways. Just in case you need that extra edge, you can try Spartzy ThermaXtrim apparels to achieve a quicker elevation of body temperature and hence sweating. After all, Sweat is Good.

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