3 New 2018 Workout Trends To Try This Summer

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Trends are everywhere and workouts and fitness classes are certainly not excluded from our world of social media trending and popular crazes. In fact, from Zumba to Soul Cycle, workout and active lifestyle trends are some of the most talked about aspects of fitness online. Therefore, there’s no surprise that many of us are left thinking, can I just go to the gym or for a run? Or do I need to book myself onto the next hottest fitness class of the year?

To save you a little bit of time and effort scouring the net for the next big thing, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest workout trends to take over 2018 so far, and for the rest of the year. This way, you can spend less time wondered what’s hot right now in fitness, and more time deciding which one’s right for you and getting down to it.

Here’s three of our top picks for workout trends so far, this year.

1. Blended Cross-Training 

As people are feeling the need to mix up their workouts to avoid the dreaded “chore” effect of working out, blended or “mash-up” training is trending in gyms globally. Keeping yourself on your toes and not doing the same repetitive workout week in, week out is now seen as a key way to keep focused and entertained during your gym sessions. Whether it’s boxing, cycling or HIIT (high intensity interval training), the trend is often one of these practices smoothly blended with YOGA. This continuously moving workout combines YOGA’s strength and stability training with the more cardiovascular intensity of the partner sport.

2. Combat Fitness 

Combat fitness is nothing brand new to the field of workouts. However, as women are generally aiming now for a more athletic physique, workouts, such as boxing, martial arts and self-defence training have become a more fashionable way to do HIIT than ever before. A break from the more lower body intensive workouts of the last year (aiming to increase and improve curves), practices, such as boxing include cardio fitness, increase stamina  and help tone muscle mass. Such combat sports not only provide benefits for the body, but many find it can focus the mind and relieve huge amounts of stress, helping them improve their general mood in day to day life.

3. Digital Workouts 

Ok, so by digital workouts, we don’t mean watching or playing them. Sorry about that! Digital workouts refer to any fitness that is aided by new age digital devices, so at home workouts with the help of your screens or even wearable technology that aids you to exercise. From the interactive fitness platform, Fiit to exercise watches and apps, there is now a piece of tech for every sport at every level, making working out just that little bit more modern-day, a trend proving increasingly popular in 2018.


Whether you’ve tried all three of these trends already or none, they’re not to be ignored. Making fitness and working out more enjoyable, more convenient, and more in line with your overall fitness goals, the gym bunny trends this year are coming thick and fast.

Leave your comments below if you discovered more interesting ones and share with your friends to inspire everyone live a healthier, happier and most importantly, an enjoyable lifestyle, true to the spirit of #mylifemyquest.

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